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Centre Structure


The CEHR is endowed with management, administration and advisory organs (1) that operate under the auspices of its own «Regulatory Statutes», as approved by the UCP Rector. Within the terms set down by the FCT, a Permanent External Scientific Advisory Commission (2) was established. The Centre further contains an administrative and operational management structure (3).

1. Regulatory Statutes

Director: holding the competences for convening and presiding over meetings of the Board of Directors, Scientific Council and Centre Council, representing the Centre and ensuring its interaction with all the respective other university entities, coordinating Centre academic activities and providing information on these to the senior university hierarchy.

Directive Council: composed of the Director, an Assistant Director, two or three Members and a Secretary. It is the responsibility of the Board to co-assist the Director in running and managing the Centre, proposing the activity plan, the budget and the annual report. The main priority for the Secretary is coordinating the secretariat in conjunction with the other Centre organs and structures.
The current CEHR Directive Council is:

Scientific Council: composed of the CEHR Director, the editor of the «Lusitania Sacra» journal, integrated CEHR members holding doctoral degrees and other members of recognised scientific repute, acting as nominal doctoral degree holder members. It is the responsibility of the Scientific Council to approve the activity plan, the budget and the annual report and to issue opinions on the range of activities undertaken at the Centre.

Centre Council: The CEHR Council is made up of all Centre members (with or without doctoral degrees), including collaborative members, employed at other units. It is responsible for proposing research projects, issuing opinions on all items submitted, to be consulted in the choice of Director and Board of Directors, as well as in the recruitment of new members.

2. Permanent External Scientific Advisory Commission

Made up of three members external to the unit. Since January 2002, it has been composed of:
- Professor Maria do Rosário Themudo Barata, Faculdade de Letras, Universidade de Lisboa (Faculty of Letters, University of Lisbon),
- Professor Francisco Bethencourt, Kings College, London,
- Professor Philippe Boutry, Directeur d'Études da École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris.

3. Administrative, operational management and project implementation structure

The administration and operational management of the Centre is undertaken by the Director, Assistant Director and the Secretary. The latter coordinates and is responsible for the secretarial services made up of the administrative service (one secretary) and project implementation (one applied research assistant).
Each project is headed by a Scientific Coordinator and/or a Scientific Commission and carried out by the investigators involved in or directly contracted for such purpose.

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