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Lines and Groups


  1. Power, movements and institutions
    Coord.: Paulo F. de Oliveira Fontes and Nuno Estêvão Ferreira
  2. Forms of religious life, identities and affiliations
    Coord.: Maria Filomena Andrade and Tiago Pires Marques
  3. Memory, mediations and materialities of the religious
    Coord.: Alfredo Teixeira and Paulo F. de Oliveira Fontes

The Work Groups are a dynamic implemented in CEHR with the aim of promoting the networking of researchers and collaborators of the centre, outside investigators and guests on topics of religious history. Each Work Group has its objectives and activities around specific lines of research. Group members promote regular meetings, sharing of work, organization of scientific meetings, the incubation of ideas that can generate research projects and responses to external demands. One of the efforts of these groups is the integration of PhD holder researchers and researchers in training.
For more details and information about each one of our Work Groups, please check the contents of the Portuguese version of this page.

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