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(29.08. - 01.10.2017) X. Seminar of Patristic Studies

X. Seminar of Patristic Studies
August the 29th to September the 1st 2017
Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Philosophy
Pontifical Catholic University - Santiago, Chile

The Faculties of Theology and Philosophy of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile have hosted - every fourth year since 1977- a Patristic Seminar. These Symposiums have been, for many scholars, reference and stimulus to the development of patristic studies in Latin America. The tenth meeting will be held from Tuesday August the 29th to Friday September the 1st 2017.

The Seminar receives original studies on any patristic subject and is an occasion for methodological discussion on patristic texts.
Papers (40 minutes long) and communications (20 minutes long) may be presented through title and abstract sent to the organizers up to March the 15th 2017.

Prof. Samuel Fernández

Prof. Manuel Correia


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